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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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My new carry gun. FN Five Seven loaded with Elite Ammuitions SM4 round that will penetrate a level 111A vest
(04-02-2013, 06:58 PM)Stonewall Wrote: [ -> ]My new carry gun. FN Five Seven loaded with Elite Ammuitions SM4 round that will penetrate a level 111A vest

Were you spelling ZRT with your bullets?? LOL I still have not shot a 5-7, but when I held one I couldnt believe how plasticy it felt... I think I would rather have a 5-7 over a glock though, the only problem is the ammo is a pain to get and its not cheap..
Very nice! Any problems locating ammo for that?
Yes I tried spelling ZRT, it did not look as good in the pic as in person. It looked good in person with the blue tipped ammo. The frame and slide cover is all plastic and thats what makes it so light. Before the panic you could get slide covers for 20.00, I am looking to get a couple to duracout and hydro dip. Ammo is running 1.00 a round if you can find it, I got 500 rounds with the gun
[attachment=1325]Here's a little something I've been working on. It's Smith & Wesson 15/22 rifle. I like the idea of a tactical looking .22 for the ZA and I patterned it very closely to my M&P 15 5.56. So far, I did the Crayola-color in the engravings, added Mako Tactical cheek riser butt stock and Mako light holder for the Maglite, Hogue grip, Lasermax laser, Cabela's Scout scope 3-12x power, 45 degree BUIS, NDZ Performance charging handle and speed bolt release, Barrel shroud, and a Grip Pod (not pictured) that's the retractable bi-pod grip.
Anyway, just something to share.
Pretty much the best gun picture I have ever taken. Wasn't even with my big Fugi S100FS, just taken with my Fuji S8100.

[Image: DSCF2019_zps4fecd430.jpg]

Also a shot from the range a couple weeks back. Blowing that 5.56 down the drain!

[Image: DSCF2021_zps81bf9b0a.jpg]
The guy with the most plain AR on the site strikes again!

got some 42 round magazines in today. I suppose that this means I have to use some of my thousands of rounds to make sure they function properly...

Picked this one up 2 weeks ago. Switched out the old a2 upper for the flat top. Guy is picking it up on Wednesday. I may get one for myself and convert it to an SPR.

[Image: IMG_20130511_144318_zpsa86cfa12-1.jpg]
Aimpoint Comp M4
ARMS 40L and 40L-F front and rear BUIS
Tango Down Battle Grip
ICE Arms Sunburst Comp
Surefire M900
Gear Sector Sling

[Image: gallery_1_1_60943.gif]
(12-07-2013, 12:52 AM)Nwatson99 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: gallery_1_1_60943.gif]

THAT... is 31 flavors of AWESOME! [Image: 118.gif]

I'd love to have something like that as the ULTIMATE truck gun - for a driver, trying to run the zombie apocalypse gauntlet, that should ride easy while you're driving!