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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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Nice looking rifle there Kaos. I know someone looking for an AR upper. What do you have and what would you be looking for. PM me if you don't mind.
RocketFoot Wrote:How do you like that co witness set-up? I've been toying with the notion for mine, but I did find a low profile red dot to go with that handle mount you sold me...

I LOVE the co-witness. That mount (LaRue LT-129) puts the irons in the lower 1/3rd of the optic. All I do is adjust my cheekweld and the dot is literally sitting on top of my front post (which is zeroed for 100yds and is on for about 2moa with my eyesight and the size of the post)

I only got to shoot about 40 rounds through it on sunday, going to test more this weekend hopefully and get a 25-50 yard zero on it.

With that said, I would have gone so much cheaper had the deal not fallen into my lap like it did for that optic. I basically paid $150 for a $400+ optic and then bought the mount for $100

The lasermax i need a ultra tiny allen to adjust, currently it's 5" low at about 10 COM will still connect with it.


I'd be selling the Upper receiver (A1 with teardrop forward assist, ejection cover, A1E1 sights (half click adjustments)) YHM Free Float Handguard, and depending on my status on this "list" the barrel too (16" Wilson in 5.56, not chrome lined).

Im in no rush, but can PM you with a price if the person is interested.
Dymond asked you about the upper.

I'd possibly consider the YHM. If I don't end up with something more top shelf. PM me what you'd want for the YHM if you feel like dividing it up.

But as for the rest. I'm not interested in an A1 upper.
Yeah it was me looking for pricing. I have a friend who has a complete reciever and just needs the upper. He is coming to the VH gun show to look for uppers and I'd like to help him out with finding a quality upper. If you don't mind pricing everything out seperately or just as a "package" I'd appreciate it.
im all kinds of "off" lately on the internets, sorry about that.

I'll ping my barrel people for an update on the middy, if they say it's coming I can get a package price with the barrel and all that assembled, if not I'll piece it out.
I have a picture in the PDW section of this forum, but I changed the stock and this is how it is going to stay.
This is my new SBR Build.

SBR Build - 1:

Rock River Arms stripped lower
LWRC M6A2 Gas Piston upper /w 10"5 barrel (Chambered in 5.56)
Rock River Arms lower parts kit with 2-stage match trigger
Magpul MIAD pistol grip
Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
Ace SOCOM M4 Stock
LMT Rail Guards
Troy front/rear folding BUIS
LaRue Tactical Quick Detach Vertical Fore Grip
EoTech 512

[Image: SBRBuild-1-1-1.jpg?t=1229622809]
Ronnie77 Wrote:This is my new SBR Build.

[Image: SBRBuild-1-1-1.jpg?t=1229622809]

She sure is pretty...
Tater Wrote:
Ronnie77 Wrote:She sure is pretty...

I have been waiting for quit a while, just to be able to put her together.
The wait was definitely worth it, I am very pleased with the result...
How does she shoot Ronnie?

That's basically what I want to build for my SBR, however I would like LaRue rails, and the new magpul BAD (that isnt out yet), and the redi mag the BCM cuts down to reduce the weight in type 1, and likely the noveske flaming pig device/