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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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not the best picture but its all them together.
[Image: 803bcdb9.jpg]
the Mossy 500A is setup right now for turkey season, but it normally sports a 18 and a half inch barrel and a pistol grip.

the others are a Mauser K98 for long range shooting, Sig P226 9mm, Sig P220 .45 and M&P9C 9mm for close range. the Sig 522 and Mossy are for medium range.

heres some others in thumbnail form
[Image: th_fde506ae.jpg]
[Image: th_18ade655.jpg]
[Image: th_fdf14c02.jpg]
[Image: th_DSCF0014.jpg]
[Image: th_DSCF0010.jpg]
ahh I see you included your kitty in the pic of the 522 very nice lol
nice sigs btw
I like that 552.
My little family

A few new additions...

Mossy Silver Reserve

[Image: mossy.jpg]

[Image: mossy1.jpg]

[Image: mossy2.jpg]

[Image: mossy3.jpg]

Browning Auto 5

[Image: browning.jpg]

[Image: browning1.jpg]

Beretta T2 Trap Special

[Image: beretta.jpg]

[Image: beretta1.jpg]

[Image: beretta2.jpg]

The whole clan

[Image: family1.jpg]

nice bat!

my Mom's Uncle has some old muskets that were his Dad's that he's got put away for myself and my other cousin...not sure what kind of condition they're in or who makes them.
(05-12-2010, 12:22 PM)ASteele42 Wrote: [ -> ]ahh I see you included your kitty in the pic of the 522 very nice lol
nice sigs btw

That could be the dreaded klasnikov Kitty. They are not to be messed with!
A New/Used addition to my Family, Never fired other then the Factory.I pick it up Friday after work. I had O/T today, So I'm just getting around to posting the pictures.

The Back-Up for all BACK UPS. A perfect Zombie Head POPPER!

RUGER-New Model, SUPER BLACKHAWK, Single-Action Revolver
Stainless Steel, 7.5" Barrel, Adjustable Rear Sights, 6 Shooter,
!!!!!!!.44 MAG.!!!!!!! Big Grin /She will take a .44 SPL as well.


[Image: ruger44magnumsuperblack.jpg]

[Image: ruger44magnum2.jpg]

[Image: ruger44magnum3.jpg]

[Image: ruger44magnum4.jpg]

[Image: ruger44magnum5.jpg]

[Image: ruger44magnum6.jpg]

Sorry, A few of the pictures didn't come out right, So I couldn't included them. I can't wait to take her to the Range! And blow the crap out of something. Big Grin
I'm going to have get a Nice leather Holster and Belt for this Cowboy shooter!
A friend of mine knows a personal friend, Who will do a custom fit, From Holster/Revolver to belt! Nice Smile
i hope you werent looking down the barrel of a loaded gun when you took those ^^^
No, But the camera my have been, Via. bipod and the use of the view finder.
The rest of them were taken unloaded. The shot with the open gate only had 3 shell in it, just for the affected.
As for the Barrel shot. You won't see a shell at the other end of the Barrel and in the chamber.
I do hear what you are saying. Safety is KEY at all times.
Thats why I don't have a shot with it Chocked, Even though it would have been unloaded.
Didn't want to put any ideas into some ones Head.
Almost forgot, Thank you for pointing it out though.
AR, edged weapons, scattergun, .357...