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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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Here are a few Zombie rifles.

[Image: 101_4536.jpg]
Here's my latest project. I mentioned this in a thread a while ago....when Opie was talking about all the deals he gets. A buddy gave this to me because he did have time to work on it. Fits together real nice and the bore is like a mirror. I need to get the forearm wood and hardware...but that's it.

[Image: shotty1.jpg]

[Image: shotty2.jpg]

It's not real pretty, but it is 100+ years old....
[Image: 2e51n47.jpg]
this is my new baby... My very first pistol... sorry the pic is shitty i took it with my cell

And here's the rest
[Image: myguns.jpg]
[Image: 100_4490.JPG]

my 12ga 870 super express magnum

[Image: 100_4499.JPG]

bushmaster O.R.C.

[Image: 100_4509.JPG]

some of the pistols that are in my house i pretty much have 1 for ever room loaded and ready to kill Big Grin 460 S&W my fav

[Image: boom.jpg]

me shooting it with flames coming out the end Big Grin
You and JohnnyBmore should get along just fine.
Hey guys, new member here.

Here's some of my stuff:

FEG PJK-9HP 9mm Hi Power Clone
[Image: 4551108165_99800de8d3_o.jpg]

Kimber Royal II
[Image: 4551107819_cdbc6474a1_o.jpg]

Glock 22
[Image: 4572918986_285d543a4d_b.jpg]

AR15 (need to take an updated pic of it)
[Image: 4110102931_6ff55a835d_b.jpg]

S&W M&P15-22
[Image: 4567611945_3c1525042c_b.jpg]
interesting g22 you got there, macnamara...did you do the stippling?
Yeah mate, I did the stippling job. Since then, I've done the base plates on my Glock mags too.
This is my dad's 1911.... its served him well for 30 years... and someday it'll be mine

[Image: dsci0003yr.jpg]

[Image: dsci0007d.jpg]
VERY nice.