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Full Version: Make PAZRT Great Again!
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Hey all, 
I won't speak for everyone on this but this is my opinion and my thoughts and I would love to hear everyone's opinion. 
I really enjoy our site and the PAZRT, and lately well I am sure you all noticed that, the chat forum has lacked some chatting and some excitement. 
And I for one would love to jump start the site and get it going again and with that being said I think some restructuring would need to be done. 
When people come on here there is so much to check out which IS a good thing but you could also get blindsided by all the posts and not really want to go much further due to all of the forum posts. 
Some are dead, and some are borderline boring, some ARE informative and some take up space. 
If some newcomers came to the site, I really don't think they would know where to begin and after a bit it might deter them from staying. 
So I was thinking, Maybe if we got rid of the dead threads, and compacted some... Added some threads that truly might answer questions and assist people in more ways then one that might get some more members and traffic coming in.
Along with that I would like to start advertising the site on Facebook more to get more people to sign up, join us and be active chatters and members. 
Along with dead threads, potentially lose the dead weight... Member profiles that haven't been logged onto in say a year or two or more.

I would love to make this site Great Again!!!

Opinions please!
Those are all good ideas - I couldn't agree more.

I would also say, management has been EXCELLENT of late, in squashing spamtards, and consigning them to outer darkness.   Big Grin   I don't foresee us slacking in that area anytime soon.

I also know, that a number of "ghost member" (zero posts, no log-in for 2+ years) accounts were audited last year - close to a thousand "ghost profiles" were scotched in the process.

I think for "active" members, if - each time you were to check-in - just post one INTERESTING thing about your day, a news story you've found, some interesting zombie 'tidbit' (I found a new zombie movie coming out in June, starring Bill Murray, and posted the trailer today!) - something along those lines, & it'll start attracting some good traffic.

Just make it a point to post ONE (1) thing, each time you check in, and we'll start adding some POSITIVE growth to the site!   Big Grin
I agree, when you sign on, Make it known you've signed on somehow, and we should break down the threads into some single categories.
Have one thread for Movies, and in it a new title or something new coming out can be posted instead of a bunch of threads of different movies.
New Toys. One thread for one of those Toys we all have come to love, Our Boomsticks, one thread for our zombie prep'd vehicles, and an educational thread.
A thread that we can continuously post new things in that will educate us, show us things, teach us things.
And then a new thread for the Zombie News Network. A thread exclusively for things found in the news or in main stream media.
Delete a bunch of threads and I mean a bunch, and start some new ones that will frequently be visited and keep the new threads to a minimum that way when ppl visit and check in. they don't have to search the site. Just pick a thread check it out and enjoy.
I will be working on some titles for some threads and posting them soon enough for everyone's approval.
I have started to work on some categories at home, these categories will be the main threads titles. And under these threads we will have posts where within the posts you can talk about a variety of things. Once I am completely finished with the new category thread titles I will post them in the website news category for all to review and get opinions on. Also to mention I believe in order to save space on the site hosts that do not have replies for a year or more maybe deleted. This will free up space on the site and give us chances 2 respond to newer posts. I do believe once the overhaul is complete the site will be more user-friendly more informative and a hell of a lot better for everyone involved.
HEY?!  Where did my post count GO?!  I was closin' on on 3,000 at last count!!!  [Image: shocked.gif][Image: shocked.gif][Image: shocked.gif]

Geez... I feel like Bernie Mac, now...   Sad
Do you know Barry Holden War wagon?
(04-18-2019, 07:53 PM)Zombie.Hunter Wrote: [ -> ]Do you know Barry Holden War wagon?

The dentist?
No, Admin in PAZRT.
(04-18-2019, 10:00 PM)Zombie.Hunter Wrote: [ -> ]No, Admin in PAZRT.

I'm guessing that's our boss then.  He shoulda left me 2,000 at least...  [Image: grumble.gif]

Yes he is the big boss Mr. PAZRT himself. Remember how we were talking about getting rid of Dead threads, all the threads that haven't been responded to in a few years have been deleted. Only threads that remain are those from 2017 and current. There were a lot of threads unanswered since 2007 up until 2016.
So now we have room on the site to post better and newer stuff.
In the upcoming weeks there will be some shuffling around and this page is going to look awesome. There will be a firearm friendly forum. We will host those places that allow Firearms to be carried on their property and a haters forum, that do not recognize the Second Amendment did not allow firearms on their property. There will be changes to the medicine cabinet which will be better because we will be uploading medical information helpful hints, tips and tricks.
I also will be doing some advertising hopefully bringing new traffic to the site. And some new members. There will be a forum that will assist us in getting what we need at the cheapest price, called buyers bargain. The classifieds want to buy and want to sell will be better maintained so that once something sells the ad won't hang around like it used to.
I've got a big list of things at home on my laptop that will improve this site. Once it is completed I will upload it to the website news.
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