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WELCOME, London derrieres! - The War Wagon - 04-28-2021

Awwwww YEAHHHHHHHHHH... we've NOTICED a proliferation of those "anonymous" 185 ISP addresses, coming from London.  We realize that "mutha England" is a gutless, socialist, shell of it's former glory, and that James Bond wouldn't know which end of the gun a bullet would come OUT of these days, but HEY!  JUMP on-board, and feel free to prove us wrong!   Big Grin

[Image: London-derrieres.jpg]

RE: WELCOME, London derrieres! - The War Wagon - 07-20-2021

So, I KILLED my shin last night, taking the trash down to the curb.  CAN'T sleep - continuous shooting pain in my shin, so I get on the interwebz to start cancelling appointments for later today, AND... decide to do my Adminly duties, and check the "Z" here.

LO' & behold - 77 London derriere's (NSA spybots) on here, at 3 in the morning!

NICE to know you start your day, with a spot o' tea and PAZRT over there!  Big Grin   

BTW - soccer is for sissys, and cricket is for homos.  Feel free to post though, and prove me wrong!  Wink