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1989 Ford E-350 Police Spy Van With 13k Miles!

[Image: 1971-Cuda-24x24.jpg]Mike Stephens
[Image: 1989-Ford-E-350-Spy-Van-630x390.jpg]

Quote:Some people like surprises, others not so much.  But in the case of this Ford E-350 van, it’s hard not to at least appreciate the startle that an unsuspecting bystander may experience once the double doors open up.  And while it’s perhaps not quite as much of an automotive adrenaline rush type of surprise as pulling up next to a sleeper Valiant with a transplanted Hemi under the hood, the shock-to-the-system value here is pretty high.  If you’re in the market for a surveillance vehicle or just want an unusual cargo mover, this 1989 Ford E-350 Extended Van would definitely be worth checking out.  It’s located in beautiful Kingston, New Hampshire, and can be found here on Craigslist with an asking price of $14,900.

[Image: 1989-Ford-E-350-Spy-Van-Rear-630x390.jpg]
Barn Finds wishes to thank reader NHDave for bringing this one to our attention!  So what we have here is looking a lot on the outside like a basically stock Econoline van, and a nicely-preserved example at that with only 13,000 miles on its ticker.  I’m not seeing much at all to fault about the body except for maybe a small dent above the windshield, but even so, it’s somewhat minor plus the paint is still looking good all the way around.  The seller says the van runs and drives perfectly, and although we don’t get to see it there’s a fuel-injected 351 V8 engine upfront so there should be plenty of power to move all this weight around.
[Image: 1989-Ford-E-350-Spy-Van-Side-Doors-630x390.jpg]
Here’s the surprise I was telling you about- we don’t get the history of who or what agency previously owned this vehicle, but the first peek inside the back shows something very different from what one might expect based on the outside appearance.  It’s not your local furniture delivery van!  This thing is equipped with enough surveillance equipment to capture drug deals on the spot, sting operations, or just about any criminal activity imaginable.  I can just envision Joey Greco and the Cheaters crew hopping out of those doors for a confrontation with an unsuspecting spouse caught in the act of infidelity.

[Image: 1989-Ford-E-350-Spy-Van-Inside-630x390.jpg]
If a photo could talk, I’d love to hear what this one would have to say about all the scenes these electronics have captured going down.  In addition to the video system we can see inside, there are cameras on all four corners for a 360-degree view of whatever may be happening at the time.  An onboard charging system with a 120 inverter makes sure power is always sufficient to keep things rolling, plus there’s even rear heat and an ice A/C system to keep sleuths comfortable during those long days of candid observation.  The only additional item I can think of that this van might benefit from back there is a well-stocked wet bar.
[Image: 1989-Ford-E-350-Spy-Van-Dashboard-630x390.jpg]
Nothing about the front end of the interior would indicate what’s lurking in the back, and it all looks to be in good condition for a 33-year-old driver.  The seller also mentions that $4,000 has recently been invested in parts, including all new brakes, new shocks, a new air conditioning compressor, a new fuel pump, and more, with receipts showing the details.  He also throws out the idea that this would make an excellent camper or movie rig and says that this van is ready for use just like it is and needs nothing.  I’m really digging this one, and while it may have a somewhat limited audience the low mileage and nice condition certainly add to its appeal, plus even with all the stuff inside there’s still an ample amount of room for hauling things, especially having the extended rear.  What are your thoughts on this 1989 Ford E-350 Surveillance Van?
All you need now is an Ace Tomato Company logo on the side of it and you're good to go.
(10-22-2023, 12:08 PM)Zombie.Hunter Wrote: [ -> ]All you need now is an Ace Tomato Company logo on the side of it and you're good to go.

More like "Flowers By Irene" - sorta like feeb plants on Jan.6 - makje it PERFECTLY obvious!

[Image: FBI-van1.jpg]

Or this...

[Image: FBI-van.jpg]