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Full Version: NOTHING is more efficient than GOVERNMENT!!!
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The Post Office is a monopoly, and STILL loses money.  Dodgy   Thankfully, LESS efficiency will fix EVERYTHING!   Rolleyes

The U.S. Postal Service is cutting costs. Here’s how it could affect you.

Quote:PITTSBURGH — Cost-cutting measures could soon change how and when people in Pittsburgh and across the country get their mail.

Mail delivery could be delayed by a day or more under new money-saving measures proposed by the United States Postal Service’s postmaster general.

As the postal service deals with a budget crisis and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the USPS’s proposed preliminary plan would cut overtime for postal workers. It would also eliminate late trips, meaning mail deliveries could pile up and workers would have to wait until the next day or, perhaps, days later to catch up.

A USPS spokesperson sent Channel 11 News the following statement:

“The Postal Service is developing a business plan to ensure that we will be financially stable and able to continue to provide reliable, affordable, safe and secure delivery of mail, packages and other communications to all Americans as a vital part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. While the overall plan is not yet finalized, it will certainly include new and creative ways for us to fulfill our mission, and we will focus immediately on efficiency and items that we can control, including adherence to the effective operating plans that we have developed.”

However, the potential changes aren’t sitting well with everyone.“I don’t think that’s right. I mean, we need the postal service, you know. Everybody pretty much, I believe, still relies on them,” Jan Beetem, of the North Hills, said.  It’s unclear when the potential changes would go into effect.

GOOD thing they're into health care these days - what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!   Confused

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Lmao - He/She is a special person.
What the hell is that thinking?
Does he/she think we're really going to give up our freedoms because of Covid-19?
Not in my book, Never going to happen.