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Full Version: CHOP: Has the highest murder rate in the world/most dangerous place for black men
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Blatantly stolen from M4C this morning.  Facts are wonderfully irrefutable things!   Blush

Quote:CHOP is roughly 1200*1700ft for a total of 2,040,000 sqft or 0.07sq miles
Seattle is 142 sq miles, with a population of 750,000 for 5300 people per sq mile

Based on 5300 per sq mile * 0.07 sq miles, there are about 370 people living in CHOP

CHOP has existed for 13 days, or 1/28 of a year. So at this rate CHOP will have 28 murders per year.

28 murders per 370 people is 0.0756 murders per person, or 7500 murders per 100,000 population.

For comparison murders per 100,000:
El Salvador (61.80)
Jamaica (57)
Honduras (41.7)
Belize (37.9)
South Africa (35.9)
Lesotho (Bahamas)
Brazil (30.5)
Saint Lucia (29.6)
Guatemala (26.1)
Dominica (25.7)

But, but you can't keep having murders at that rate!!!!! Hold my soy-Latte. Even if this is their only murder this year, they still have 270/100,000, putting them on the leader board..

But they are a small country- a few on the top 10 are also small.

You made rounding errors.... heck if I always screw up the decimal place, so check the math if you want.

But Wikipedia says the population density is 9000/sqmile, OK so multiple everything by 0.6.

So congratulations. Your socialist utopia is already the most dangerous place in the world, especially for black people.

Pass it along. Science, math; these are facts. You have to follow the data....