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Full Version: For our beloved guvner Moron
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[Image: facemasks1.jpg]   Angry
Who the hell knows, but I sure do know he's doing one hell of a job stomping all over the constitution, throwing the 14th amendment right to Liberty right out the window of a speeding train while over a high river gorge bridge.
Protestors shut down the capitol in MI the other day.  May hafta do the same in Harrisburg.

[Image: michigan-protest-lansing-coronavirus-mea...24x683.jpg]
[Image: Michigan-Stay-At-Home-Order-Prompts-Honk...k=_6gfq8ia]
[Image: thousands-protest-at-michigan-state-capi...orders.jpg]   Big Grin
I'm all for standing up to "The Man" or anyone else in defense of the Constitution.
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