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Full Version: S&W M&P 15-22
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Picked one up a couple weeks ago. So far so good. Controls are all the same as an AR. 25 round mags. Trigger is "ok". I bought the "sport" model. It came with a dot scope on it that required no adjustment at 40 yds using Fiocchi ammo. Very accurate. At least as good as a stock 10-22. Extra mags run in the $20 neighborhood. I found some at joe bob outfitters for $15 ea so I grabbed a couple spares. It's a fun little gun.
For what they are, they're OK... I guess... Undecided

I fondled an early one, and they flt awfully "plasticky."  Not even Glock "plasticky," but, Mattel "plasticky."   Confused

So I built a dedicated AR .22 instead.