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Full Version: Archangel, updated
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So I'm working on my Bren 805, but I'm also doing a massive optic swap and sale as well (have you seen the classifieds lately?  [Image: th_whistling-smiley.gif]).

ANYWHO, "Archangel," my 18.5" SPR, has received an optics upgrade.  Previously, I had a Leupold Mark AR 3x9 x40mm scope -  GREAT piece of glass, but better suited to more open spaces than the urban cessmaze, where I'VE been relegated these past 17 years.  Consequently, I also ran an Aimpoint T-1 micro in an offset mount, in case I had to go CQB with this rifle.

That setup, looked like this:

[Image: T-1.jpg][Image: 100_9357_zpsvj3sisdz.jpg]

NOW... having acquired a Vortex Viper PST II 1x6x24mm, I have a Leupold for sale Big Grin , a T-1 for my Bren 805, and a single scope on Archangel.  To wit:

[Image: 851c0a7a-2382-41b8-b081-ca6a0111a024-original.jpg]

I just LUV showing off that Young National Match BCG... Cool

[Image: 7dcb0ffe-14f4-4443-826a-5c1032ec82de-original.jpg]