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Full Version: NEW acquisition...
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... it's COMING!!!  [Image: shocked.gif]

Duh da - duh da - duh da - duh da... [Image: Sharkcircling.gif]

Duh da - duh da - duh da - duh da!  [Image: shark-attack-smiley-emoticon.gif]


Duh da - duh da - duh da - duh da!  [Image: leftshark.gif]

[Image:]   Cool
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5608576][Image:]
[Image: maxresdefault.jpg]


MORE accoutrements to come... Cool
STOOPID photobucket - you're not ruining MY new acquisition!

[Image: 100-5141-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5145-crop.jpg]
[Image: 100-5158-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5162-crop.jpg]
[Image: 100-5164-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5169-crop.jpg]
I can't remember the last time a COMPLETE project was this slow in getting done.  I'm guessing because so much stuff was custom ordered/custom made.

And speaking of which... my Vickers BFG sling finally arrived today!

[Image: 100-5328-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5329-crop.jpg]

HK clips are going the way of the dodo bird apparently, so I decided to go with MASH hooks for the first time.  I all honesty, the factory mounting points on the CZ are really designed for an OLD school web sling.  There's a nominal concession at the top for HK clips (or now, MASH hooks) - LAPG used to make a really GOOD sling with HK clips that I think would fit better (I have one in FDE on my Spikes 'Snowflake' build), but alas... they're out of them these days.

Because of the extra weight of this piece, I'm going to appreciate the Vickers padding in the long run, but these MASH hooks will take some getting used to.  I suspect both mounting points and the hooks will grind a fair bit off of each other in time... Confused

NONETHELESS... I'm assembled now, and hitting the range with a few friends next Monday.   Cool

[Image: 100-5331-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5342-crop.jpg]
[Image: 100-5335-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5337-crop.jpg]

Thing is, with it slung, I feel like this oughta be playing!   Tongue

Writeup I did elsewhere, since it's been to the range now, too.  Figgered I may as well share it youse guys too.

Believe it or not... I'd NEVER heard of the 805, until a few months ago.   [Image: shocked.gif]

I'm nominally up-to-date on AR's, primarily, and had been leaning more and more towards building an AR pistol the past few years.  And suddenly - THIS appeared on my favorite local shoppe's FAZEbook page back on April 10!

[Image: Legion-Arms.jpg]
I INSTANTLY fell in love, and decided I had to have it!  I started looking at a couple of AR's, and some under-the-mattress-money to trade towards it... and like THAT: it was sold!   [Image: cry.gif] [Image: cry.gif] [Image: cry.gif]

I resolved to learn everything I could about this beauty, and started researching prices EVERYWHERE (and I can see why this one went FAST - it WAS a good price!).

So I'm researching for a month, running prices everywhere, and finally scrape together enough pocket change, to get one for around $1,500.  So the day I'm READY to, ahem, pull the trigger... a "Buy-it-NOW" auction for a NiB model pops up on G-B, for $1,378!
SOLD!   [Image: grin.gif]

[Image: 100-5014.jpg]

I already had an Aimpoint T-1 2moa optic waiting for it.  Had to add a few other items, LIKE:

- KNS M-lok lower rail & siderails

- KNS knurled charging handle

- GG&G absolute co-witness mount for the T-1

- Magpul M-lok light rail

- Inforce WML 400 lumen weaponlight

- SBT805 folding brace (got a decent deal on a used one off G-B)

- Magpul M-lok handstop, ladders

- Troy (full-size) BUIS

So now I need something to tote it around in.  I wanted something discreet, since it is a 'fold-able' package.  For my MONEY... WRB out of Texas made the nicest case.  I went with the 25 1/2" case, JUST so I didn't get one too small.  In retrospect, I think the 23" case might've worked as well.

[Image: 100-5138-crop.jpg][Image: 100-5137-crop.jpg] 
I ESPECIALLY like, that the mag pouches are on the INSIDE, so it doesn't SCREAM - DISCREET WEAPON CASE, RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!!!   [Image: rolleyes.gif]
[Image: 100-5162-crop.jpg]  You get two (2) dual mag cases, a suppressor pouch (don't have one, so I stuck a CaT in there - seems a GOOD thing to have handy when shooting!  I have two more on my chest rig), and that clear ID pouch, for any paperwork.  And all that's Velcro adjustable, as are the weapon tie-downs, as you can see below.

[Image: 100-5168-crop.jpg]

SPEAKING of toting it around... I needed a sling... but which to get?

Trying to run a sling through the factory sling mounts was TIGHT... & eyeballing even the bulge at the top, I knew that would be awfully tight for even an HK clip.  So I took a chance, on having a Vickers BFG sling custom built for it.

NEVER had a padded sling before - I run Tactical Link and Gear Sector slings on my rifles, and have had good service with both brands.  Couldn't WAIT for it to arrive, and it did NOT disappoint - the quality is self evident.

[Image: 100-5329-crop.jpg]

I went with the MASH hooks, since they looked thinner; it looked like it would work well with the thin sling mounts.

[Image: 100-5331-crop.jpg]  It LOOKED good, and the sling FELT good, BUUUUUUT...  the MASH hooks kept binding.  They WEREN'T gonna hurt the mount, but it would've ground the hooks down eventually.   [Image: undecided.gif]   So I had to let the sling go.

CONSEQUENTLY, I went back to what I KNOW works - even with the HK clips.  And now it sports a Gear Sector 2pt. sling.
And I think it MIGHT be complete!

[Image: 100-5489-crop.jpg]  And yeah, I moved the charging handle to the OTHER side.  On the left (being a righty), it was getting hung up in my chest rig.  So to the AK side it went!

It HAS been to the range - reminds me of a classic '60's muscle car.  It's LOUD, you could flash fry a hotdog in the muzzle blast, you could cook the fries on the front of it, when it starts heating up (shooting gloves are a MUST by the end of two 30rd. mags!); it's heavy, barks like an angry rhino, but runs like a dream.

And it's dead-nuts ACCURATE at CQB range with M193, which is PRECISELY what I wanted it for!   [Image: grin.gif]

Oh - and LIKE a good muscle car, it scared the (scatological reference redacted) out of everybody at the range...  [Image: cool.gif]