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Full Version: Commercial accounts & Forum sponsorship
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Yes - we HAVE such capability here at ye olde PAZRT.  Feel free to contact ANY mod or Admin (it will be passed UP the chain of command TO an Admin, for reference), to find out HOW to do so.  We'd welcome sponsors from a variety of backgrounds, germane to our mission here at PAZRT.  Simply let us know, and we'll work to make it happen.

THAT said... SPAMMING us with a troll account - in the wee hours of the morning... Dodgy ... after we've TOLD you WHAT THE PROCEDURE IS... as a means to get AROUND the procedure... WILL incur the BANHAMMER.

We're not so desperate here in PA, that we need TWO of your spam accounts, to advertise whatever you're hawking.  We didn't make it this far in life by sheer luck, and we don't run a charity here.  We'll be happy to have you on-board, but you get INVITED on-board at OUR invitation, and you play by OUR rules.  Anyone ELSE trying to board without permission, WILL be treated like pirates (and NOT the Pittsburgh variety!), and repelled with extreme prejudice.
Amen to that brother!!!