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Full Version: It's a Springfield kinda week...
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... & that's a GOOD thing!   Cool 

I snagged a Wilson-enhanced TRP slide off Gunbroker this week.  My old 1995 Mil-Spec, is finally complete (and it AIN'T yer granddaddy's "Mil-Spec," anymore!   Big Grin )

What it was (since 1996 - just some cheap rubber grips, CMC extended mag, and Ed Brown ambi-safety)

[Image: 100_2417_zpsbzrycunl.jpg]

What it IS! (got it cerakoted last year, with Wilson controls & trigger, Fusion hammer, & VZ grips)

[Image: 100_4617-crop_zps6in9dfkf.jpg]

What it BE!!!  (Wilson bullet-proof extractor, hammer, spring and tritium sights - brand new bbl, too)  [Image: shocked.gif][Image: shocked.gif][Image: shocked.gif]

[Image: 100_4809-crop_zpse6gkwnlc.jpg]
[Image: 100_4815-crop_zps7ughlz7o.jpg]
[Image: 100_4819-crop_zpsgwiwohkz.jpg]

Had Trijicon sights installed on my SA Loaded, so I got that back yesteray as well.

[Image: 100_4834-crop_zpshfig5zbh.jpg][Image: 100_4835-crop_zps9hrtv8q5.jpg][Image: 100_4832-crop_zpswls7kjsb.jpg]

Oh - and a I STOLE a Lightweight Operator (NiB!) off Gunbroker recently - I picked it up yesterday, too.   Big Grin

[Image: 100_4822-crop_zps6ud9fkp2.jpg]
[Image: 100_4831-crop_zpsybbqb7cm.jpg]

My Springfield family now.

[Image: 100_4836-crop_zpsisaldikw.jpg]   Cool
I got a new Bushmaster AR-15 for Christmas.
Put a nice scope on it and BAM!
[Image: 20190131-181325.jpg]
Took it out today and I'm not disappointed in my shootng.
At 25 yards what do you think should I be?
[Image: Message-1549148248821.jpg]
A very good Christmas indeed!   Cool
The "tweeks," for my LW Operator arrived today.


[Image: 100_4831-crop_zpsybbqb7cm.jpg]

AFTER:   Cool

[Image: 100_4842-crop_zps0ym82v1p.jpg]
A picture of the WHOLE 1911 family.   Cool

[Image: 100_4866-crop_zpsktuoje29.jpg]