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NICE coverage by FOX.

SHOT Show 2019: Millions of pounds of guns, gear and ammo on deck

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Quote:The biggest gun show in the United States is kicking off, and as you’d expect from an event with the acronym “SHOT,” there are thousands of gun options including pistols, shotguns and rifles – but that’s not all.
About 6.5 million pounds of the best new guns, gear and everything hunting and outdoors are being showcased this week at SHOT Show in Las Vegas.
For anyone with a country, hunting, shooting, patriotic, 2nd amendment and outdoors type of lifestyle, this is an incredibly exciting place to be. The most amazing innovations for hunting, shooting and outdoors are showcased at this epic event each year.

Imagine having the opportunity to explore approximately 12 football fields worth of everything shooting, hunting and outdoors before it hits the shelves throughout the year.
The scale is mind-blowing. In fact, you would have to complete half a marathon to just walk the aisles once at this humungous show.
Those who are lucky enough to be permitted entry get a first look at new advances in their outdoor passions - from cutting-edge crossbows and remarkable rifles to the ultimate pocket knife, the best new hunting jackets and breakthroughs in concealed carry pistols – to name just a few.  But access is very carefully restricted and limited to only recognized professionals in the industry. With several years’ deep industry experience and many visits to SHOT, I’ve got you covered.

So here’s what you need to know about what’s going on at the largest show of its kind anywhere.

Restricted Access: Closed to the Public
SHOT Show is not open to the public.
The Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is owned and sponsored by the excellent National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and held at the Sands Expo Center.
This will be the place where the most exciting new products for 2019 are shown.
NSSF rigorously restricts attendance to only industry professionals in the shooting, hunting and outdoor trade. Commercial buyers and sellers of military, law enforcement, and tactical products and services can also attend to get business done.
NSSF is very vigilant about admission and requires extensive proof of direct, professional affiliation in addition to government-issued photo identification.

Which makers are there?
Companies large and small from all over the United States bring their very latest and greatest. This year, more than 1,700 companies from the U.S. alone are expected.
Companies from all over the world – more than 100 countries – bring their best to SHOT Show.

Can you test the guns on site?
The weapons are not tested on site. However, there is a SHOT Show Industry Range Day where folks can get their hands on the new products and evaluate them.
Every year, about half a million rounds are fired in testing on this one day.  Attendees get to handle and test the weapons, but they also get to try out ammo, holsters, optics and other accessories.

New Guns for 2019

Reveals this week will include new guns for the full spectrum of budgets. You will not just find guns and ammo at SHOT. There are loads of options for everything related to firearms like optics, gun safes, gun cases and cleaning kits to name a few.
Which makers bring their best? All the huge titans are here.  Sig Sauer, FN, Glock, Colt, Smith & Wesson, Remington, Winchester, Browning, Walther, Cimarron, Taurus, Benelli, CMMG, CZ, Bushmaster, Savage, Mossberg and many more are featuring their latest and greatest.
There are also smaller companies who are outstanding that are featuring their latest like Barrett, Geissele and La Rue. Ammunition makers are at SHOT too like Nosler, Aguila and Browning Ammunition.
There are new weapons specifically for law enforcement and new guns for 2nd amendment enthusiast home defense. For hunting, new rifles and shotguns are being unveiled.

Newest for Hunting?
For hunters, SHOT is a first glimpse at what will become available throughout the year on store shelves in states from coast to coast. Knives, firearms, crossbows, apparel, game calls, decoys, tree stands, scents, lures and beyond are unveiled.
Here are some companies to watch for news in this space: TenPoint Crossbow, Mossy Oak, Weatherby, Bushnell, Savage and Benchmade and CRKT field knives.
Also keep an eye on Mossberg, Browning, Remington, Winchester and Benelli.
For optics, look out for new FLIR and Swarovski.

For those passionate about the outdoors, there are options galore. The best in boots, binoculars, tents, campfire cooking, apparel and anything and everything survival is being unveiled.
Companies like Camelbak, Air Venturi, Adventure Medical Kits, 5.11, Zippo and Petzl are ones to watch for 2019.

Military and Law Enforcement?
Year after year the options have grown for the law enforcement and military tactical communities. 5.11, Safariland and Black Hawk are always stand out stars in this space with giant showcases year after year – and a sincere commitment and investment in advances for tactical requirements.
Also keep an eye out for innovation from Geissele, Vertx, Spyderco and Leupold this year.
Who gets to go inside this jam-packed amazing show?
Each year the organization permits about 65,000 who meet their rigorous criteria to attend this unique event.
The lucky few will get a first look before the public at a wide range of innumerable new products for the upcoming year from shotguns, rifles, pistols, crossbows and ammo through to go-bags, optics, backpacks, decoys, camo, boots and shades.
The most exciting products are showcased and provide a first look before they become available to the public and hit store shelves later in the year.
This week there will be some very big reveals in guns and gear new to 2019.
What kind of BS is this, why do they get to play with the good stuff and we don't ?
(02-11-2019, 07:12 PM)Zombie.Hunter Wrote: [ -> ]What kind of BS is this, why do they get to play with the good stuff and we don't ?

College buddy of mine got to go.  Then again, he does this for a living.   Cool