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Full Version: Pittsburgh Cerakote: updating my Springer!
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Soooo... whaddya think?   Big Grin 

[Image: WEST-COAST-WEAPONWORKS-H-168-Zombie-Gree...4-full.jpg]

Hmmmm... maybe not...

I am getting it 'spruced up' however.  As our local cerakote outfit, I dropped it off yesterday.  Hopefully... by mid-June... I'll have something to show off!   Cool
WOOT!  Got an e-mail yesterday, that my pistol is now READY!  Hope to pick it up tomorrow, and post pics then!   Cool

[Image: B_So1E.gif]

After driving all the way out there (60+ miles round-trip), I find out... they're closed on Mondays (says so on their website - MY bad...  ).  And while they're open late Tuesdays & Thursdays, I have meetings BOTH nights.  So it looks like Saturday morning, before I get my 1911 back...   Sad
OK... it TOOK a while, but it was worth the wait!

I had the controls an barrel done in bright silver - which, for $35, was hard to beat.  It didn't QUITE come out the way I wanted, so I just decided to upgrade my controls accordingly, in matte stainless steel.

Here's the before: Bought it new in '95 - added the Ed Brown ambi-safety in '96, along with the cheap-ass rubber grips, and that's pretty much it.

[Image: 100_2417_zpsbzrycunl.jpg]

AFTER:   Cool

[Image: 100_4105-crop_zpseznrrks4.jpg]
[Image: 100_4111-crop_zps9dmtw9yo.jpg]
[Image: 100_4116-crop_zpsec6wndzd.jpg]
[Image: 100_4117-crop_zpss5fepaig.jpg]

- Pachmayer grips
- Nighthawk trigger (breaks crisp @ 3lbs now!)
- Fusion hammer
- Wilson Combat grip safety, backstrap, ambi-safety, spring plug, mag release, and extended slide stop
- Precision Tooling Comp

Taking it to the range tomorrow!    Big Grin