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Full Version: New AR today!
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UPS says, my upper is out for delivery now.

It's been 7 long years, since I last built an AR.  I find I'm so excited, I can barely sit still, or hold a thought in my head. 

I think it's the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man at the start of a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain.  I hope I can assemble the carry handle here at my office, without tools.  I hope to take it shooting this afternoon, and shake it down.  I hope the oily gunsmoke, is as blue as it has been in my dreams.

I hope.

UPS is getting about as bad as FUDD Ex.   Dodgy   They delivered it to the doctor's office next door, whic is fine (stuff DON'T get stole off my porch that way!!!), but he never even TRIED my door, and left NO notice!!!  i SEE him leaving the doctor office, but he NEVER came by my office to SEE if I was in!!!   Angry 

Anywho... I got a BOX... and a BAG!

[Image: 100_3792_zps1vu5chtt.jpg]

And there's THIS inside!  Tongue

[Image: 100_3794_zpsu0w8vluf.jpg]

And this!

[Image: 100_3793_zpsvlji8xdn.jpg]


[Image: 100_3795_zps8dnbqssr.jpg]
[Image: 100_3796_zpsjg2kfem6.jpg]
And HERE she is... slapped together!   Tongue 

[Image: 6ab07436-c83d-4042-8c7a-60334626159b_zpsiwzi9oim.jpg]
[Image: d143a6c1-0828-4cd1-a3f5-3e46a40ebc5e_zpsc1pdh3kb.jpg]
[Image: 0fa6dda9-d92e-459b-ad24-822497bd355c_zps9nh9e9yt.jpg]

That compensator,  with carbine-length gas, has a HELLUVA bark, lemmee tell ya'!!!   Confused 

It was fun to shoot with mechanical sights again - kinda fun dialing those in old school; I hadn't shot A2 irons on an AR in at LEAST 20 years!

60 rds of Privi went down without a hiccup.  I DID have three light primer strikes in the last two mags though.  I know Privi has harder primers than most American ammo.  All three rounds fired fine in my buddy's AR pistol.

The rifle was well-lubed, and I'm running an H2 buffer.  Anyone have any thoughts or experience on this, feel free to sing out.
FYI - I pulled the firing pin, and - like the rest of the BCG - it has "Brand X Kwality" (with a CAPITAL K Rolleyes )  written all over it.  I pulled the firing pin from a BCM parts kit I had laying around, and even with the naked, near-sighted eye, you could see the difference (the BCM is better!).

So I swapped the pins, and we'll see how she does.  Gotta a busy week THIS week, so I won't be able to hit the range this week - hopefully next week!
Going back to the range today - check out the new BCM firing pin and see how it works. 

ANY zombies wanna join me, BTW, we'll be at Anthony Arms (colleague & I - we have a LITTLE flexibility in our schedules) from 10am to about noon.  I'll be BACK @ 3:30, as I go shooting with my 4WD Club president.  Tuesday is FREE range day @ Anthony's, and this has been my usual routine for the past several weeks.  It could be a "mini" meet 'n' greet, even.

I'll be EASY to find.  Just look for the guy you're ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY... couldn't POSSIBLY  be a shooter - much less, a zombie board moderator.  That WILL be me.   Wink
100 rounds of American Eagle through my AR this morning - everything ran GREAT!  Nary a hiccup, new BCM firing pin did the trick!

Go back this afternoon - got 100 rounds of Privi - light strikes again, beginning with round 7.  20 round mag.  8 light strikes.   Sad 

Switch to PMC Bronze - 40 rounds, nary a hiccup.

I'm thinking, THIS rifle, just DOESN'T  like Privi...   Confused
My experience with PRVI ammo has all been good. Never had a misfire.
(03-25-2018, 07:18 PM)ColdBlueSteel Wrote: [ -> ]My experience with PRVI ammo has all been good. Never had a misfire.

That was MY experience - since 1994!!! - until I built this rifle. Confused
(03-25-2018, 08:19 PM)The War Wagon Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-25-2018, 07:18 PM)ColdBlueSteel Wrote: [ -> ]My experience with PRVI ammo has all been good. Never had a misfire.

That was MY experience - since 1994!!! - until I built this rifle. Confused
Maybe a stronger hammer spring?

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(03-25-2018, 08:21 PM)ColdBlueSteel Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe a stronger hammer spring?

It's a Spike LPK, so I expected it to be a TAD better than a CMMG or other bottom-of-the-barrel brand, but, yeah... that could be the next route.

I did notice my trigger pins walking out at the end of my last session.  I do have to KNC anti-walk pins on the way, that should arrive tomorrow.  I should be able to install 'em before Tuesday's range session.  We'll see what happens!
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