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Full Version: AR experts - especially Sector 2 guys - step on in...
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... & school me on THESE guys.

[Image: index_08.jpg]

I have a line on one of their rifles at a really good price, but can't find ANYTHING out about them!

They're outta Clearfield (sw corner of Sector 2) - anyone up there KNOW them - DEALT with them - OWN one of their rifles?  HOW are they?  Would you bet your LIFE on it (because that's the acid test for me, and I DON'T mind paying for it)?

If I can steal an AR cheap, I'm all for it.  But I at LEAST want the Grand Marquis of AR's - NOT, the Ford Pinto of AR's.   Rolleyes

So step on in & ejumakayte me!
Ruh roh - I may have found the answer to my question...   Confused
Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd... MORE "ooops."   Blush,_LLC

When you CAN'T find a review, there's generally a reason...   Sad
I have one. DO NOT BUY ONE!
1st AR I ever bought. Jam-o-matic.
Couldn't adjust sights enough to center it on paper at 50 yd. Pins broke & I did a mag dump without trying. I've shot rock & roll before, but they always stopped when I released the trigger. Calling the company was useless. No one answered the phone. Emails were sometimes responded to but the guy was a total asshole. I wouldn't stop to piss on him if his face was on .

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Sounds like the BBB rating of "F," and the bankruptcies happened for a REASON!  Thanks for the heads-up.