Pennsylvania Zombie Response Team

Full Version: Handy-dandy Zombie-survival charts
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Suitable for printing and hanging in your garage, gun safe, or safe room!

[Image: 2d0b2143058408c2d7a38eb3f1d158f3--zombie...olypse.jpg]
[Image: b0b397beaa09a565e843423adf30d7ae--zombie...rvival.jpg]
[Image: 646c58519ccfcc758d78a049d53fced6--surviv...eapons.jpg]
[Image: 47fc62e7318a245f2c17979c7ae16438--apocal...rvival.jpg]
[Image: f63fc6ebfde83c1c54ac13aa46b0c6fd--surviv...rvival.jpg]
[Image: f879bbf47e051391f7256d82a2db0bf7--surviv...l-kits.jpg]
These are definitely handy posters to have... But ultimately should be in your bug out bag, because unless you already live in a fortified home eventually you will need to bug out to a more safer location and unless they're already in your bug out bag my guess is during all the chaos they'll probably get left behind... Accidentally or purposely.