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Full Version: How do you prepare?
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Hi everyone,

Today I come to you as a broken man, 37 years old and have enjoyed this forum for a long time now, Have enjoyed the chats and the tips, tricks & hints of preparing for just about everything.

I've followed the threads, read the words and thought I had prepared my family for just about everything.
I am pretty ready, have about 6 months food stored in our food pantry which was our basement, I have about 100 gallons of bathing water and I would estimate 50 cases of bottled water stacked chest high.
I have toilet paper, a generator, NBC masks for every member of my family.
A case of 200 green glow sticks, 10 cases of 24 candles to a case.
I've prepared by stocking up on ammo, have a few extra guns handy "Just in Case"

I was a military man, US Army 305th MP Company Alpha 795th MP Battalion 14th MP Regiment.
During my service time I volunteered for extra training courses to learn and be all I could be.

I've learned my neighborhood, the in's & outs of my terrain locally and statewide.
I've learned all that I could on how to try to survive in every environment. I've taken on the task of doing all that I could to prepare to live after the SHTF and protect my family at any cost.

I have failed to prepare my family for the inevitable of losing our family pet, Taffy - A 15 year old Golden Labrador (My canine daughter of 15 years. )
Our canine daughter Taffy passed away on 3/24/2015 at approx. 11:20pm Sad
My Human 9 year old daughter and my wife is devastated, our two sons are distraught beyond belief. Sad Sad

Our pet Taffy wasn't just a pet, she was family, she sat down beside our table as we ate together without a TV present., she slept by the foot of the parents bed, She was the best friend of "Spooks" our all Black cat that proved opposites do attract... so I ask, if the SHTF how do you prepare for such a loss,
Even if the Sh*t hasn't hit the fan, how do you prepare for this?

This site is all about preparing, but can we really prepare ourselves for the loss of life?
The loss of a wife, a child or a pet?
How can I repair or even consider repairing the shattered heart of a 9 year old little girl?

Is it even possible to prepare for this, I know we watch movies, or zombie related shows where people die, and this is a fact of life...
Death is a fact of life, but can you prepare for this,
and again ~ How do you prepare?

My darling canine Daughter Taffy ~ May you Rest In Peace Angel
Run free little girl.

This was my personal vent, I hope you all understand but I do think it is important for this site, because if this helps just one person.
The time to compose it, was worth it.

This was my darling daughter, Taffy
Watch a good dog movie. Laugh, cry, hug, and share remembrances. That's how I would do a "dog funeral/wake."

Give all your kids a big hug from us. Blush
im sorry for your loss i dread the day that my dog abby dies unfortantly you can not prep for this
you remember all the good times and never forget
Thank you both, Its hard to lose a family member and especially one you considered your child.
I'd like to think that during an "Apocalyptic Event" I would be completely prepared but this goes to show you, No matter how much you plan, no matter how much you prepare, You truly aren't ready for Everything... And sometimes you just have to go with the flow and make split decisions based on what you see, what you know and what happens right then and there.
Where the Red Fern Grows
Thank you Colonel, that memory means alot to my family.