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Full Version: Carry Weapon Thread
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Lets get a new thread started here. What is your daily carry weapon and holster setup? Maybe people use different rigs depending on the season, lets see what you run.

Depending on dress, I run both this M&P FS 9 and a Remington R1 year round in Holsters I made.

M&P 9mm FS
Apex Trigger
Apex Forward Set Sear
10-8 Sights (Black Rear / Green FO Front)
Stippled and all work done by me

[Image: DSCF1989_zps0f0528ea.jpg]

Holster for EDC
[Image: DSCF1994_zps35633876.jpg]

This is the Holster Setup I run in IDPA
[Image: DSCF2111_zps203ba149.jpg]

Remington R1
Ed Brown Beavertail
Swenson Hammer
Caspian Trik Trigger
Ed Brown Tactical Extended Thumb Safety
VS Grips
All work done by my including cutting in BT

[Image: DSCF1995_zps3b3e2d59.jpg]

[Image: DSCF1998_zps49c3fe6b.jpg]
I dig the stippling on the plastic one
Glock 36 w/Desantis IWB.
G19/crappy bulldog holster.
Keltec pf9 in either an ankle holster or an iwb kydex rig by vicsmalls, when I'm in the civilized world. A para gi expert in a blackhawk sportster when I'm not.
I carry a G-19 in a Mexican holster and my Kel-tec P3at in my pocket. Neither are fancy but will get the job done!
KelTec p11 in a Wild Bill IWB. I'm itching for a XDs 45 to replace the p11. My dad got his XDs 45 and passively brags. He made me shoot it the other day, I didn't want to because I knew it would fuel my fire to get one. It did.
As of today since I haven't been here in forever a s&w model 10 m&p with 3 speed strips and a hogue grip. Until my holster gets here tucked in the waist band. Bigger than most carry guns but was made in 1962. Bills awhile back made the springfield xdm 5.25 9mm go down the road. As long as there's no horde coming I don't feel underarmed and practice reloads daily
xdm 4.5 inch 45acp bi tonw in a black hawk serpa
S&W M&P 9c in Comp-Tac MTAC holster and usually with a spare 17rd mag.
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