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Full Version: Common Terms Glossary
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EDC (Every Day Carry)- The items that a person routinely has on or about their person for day to day activities.

FAK (First Aid Kit)- Items to treat injuries or illness when formal medical services are unavailable.

BOB (Bug Out Bag)- Gear carried on or about ones person in the Zombacolypse.

GHB (Get Home Bag)- Gear either carried in a vehicle or stored at a place other than ones home, with the purpose of getting them back to their home safely.

BOV (Bug Out Vehicle)- Vehicle used to transport personnel or equipment to a safe area in the Zombacolypse.

COM (Center Of Mass)- Central area of the torso, containing heart and lungs. Targeted as a way to stop a human or animal attacker.

Zed, Zack, or Zulu- Slang terms for Zombies.

Shamblers, Moaners, Romeros, Crawlers- Zombies that are slow moving and unagile.

Ragers, Runners, Freakers, Nightmares- Zombies that can run, jump, and climb with all the speed of a normal human.

SHTF (Shit Hit The Fan)- A state of emergency or mass panic.

TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It)- A cataclysmic event, permanently changing the way people live every day.

BOL (Bug Out Loaction)- A predetermined location that one travels to in the Zombacolypse. A person can have several BOLs planned in a route to their final destination.

BUG (Back Up Gun)- A weapon other than the primary firearm, usually a pistol, also called a sidearm.

ALICE (All Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment)- A set of gear designed in the 70s for the military that is very common in surplus stores, and is a favored BOB platform. Can also refer to ALICE clips, metal fasteners for attaching ALICE pouches.

MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load Carry Equipment)- Replaced the ALICE system in the 90s for the US military. Becoming more common in surplus markets, as well as many current manufacturers. Can also refer to MOLLE straps, lengths of 1" webbing that interweave to attach MOLLE pouches.

MALICE- Any hybrid setup that uses components from both the ALICE and MOLLE systems. Can also refer to Maxpedition's Malice clips, plastic fasteners similar in design to ALICE clips used to attack MOLLE pouches, or Tactical Taylor's customized Medium ALICE backpack.

Ruck, rucksack- Large hiking backpack.

Hump, Grind- To walk, usually long distances with a heavy load.

RTB (Return To Base)- To return to point of origin or command.

FLIR (Forward Looking InfraRed)- Camera system used by military and large police forces, combines night vision with sensitive heat detection. Can detect recent footprints in grass from 100 feet up, at night.

NVGs (Night Vision Goggles)- Equipment used by an individual, using either an infrared emitter and camera, or light amplifier.

EWACS (Early Warning And Control System)- Any tool used to identify and announce a perimeter breach.

Hunker Down- To take shelter or settle in a location for long period of time, and assume a defensive position.

Lurkers- lay still until it is aware of its prey.

wonder around aimlessly until they are aware of prey.

IR- (Infrared)

MRE- (Meal Ready to Eat)

Horde- Referred to a large group of zombies in one place or on the move.

Cache- A stash of supplies such as (weapons, water, food, ammo)

CQB- (Close Quarter Battle)

BUIS- (Back up Iron Sights)

LP/OP- (listening post / observation post)

RP- (Rendezvous point)

ETA- (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Click- Slang for kilometer
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I will add:

Hunker Down - To take shelter or settle in a location for long period of time, and assume a defensive position.

IR - Infrared

MRE - Meal Ready to Eat

Horde - Referred to a large group of zombies in one place or on the move.

Cache - A stash of supplies such as (weapons, water, food, ammo)

CQB - Close Quarter Battle

BUIS - Back up Iron Sights
Damn good start...

Here's one:

GPS...Global Positioning Satellite