Pennsylvania Zombie Response Team

Full Version: Map Print Ordered :)
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I cannot get you a larger photo at the moment, but here is what I did with it.
Uploaded it to be printed at a size of 48x72. The map was slightly smaller than the poster area so then I uploaded two images of the sector 3 patch design and put them in the top corners. Centered in the middle of the header is text that says "Property of: The_Colonel", and on the bottom the left text reads "Pennsylvania Zombie Response Team" and on the right, "Sector Three"

Hope it looks as bad ass in person as I am expecting it to.
Very nice!
Thanks... I was thinking about those drinks... Perhaps they should be had one day before we're not in a position to have them anymore?
I think your map is missing something... Where are the BBQ sauce and bacon grease stains?

mmmmm bacon drenched in BBQ sauce......
Mine doesn't have them. I have napkins and laminate.
[Image: _IGP6851p.jpg]

Map is here, 1911 for scale Wink

ten is a pain!
Damn thats a small 1911.
(01-15-2012, 07:54 PM)rthrasher2 Wrote: [ -> ]Damn thats a small 1911.

Full frame 5" Kimber Custom... *shrug*
Id like to get one made up in 16x20 (since I already have a frame). Feel like designing one?
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