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Full Version: Bivouac Campsite And Survival Skill Priorities - Fire Wood and Making Shelter
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Check it out!
Nice video! One thing to mention when setting up a site is to look for widow makers or as some say the 5 w's. You did not mention how/ if you were filtering water or if you were just boiling it. I have never drank a large amount of rain water, however that water poured from the tarp was drinkable if needed. Moss can be rolled up like lawn turf for ease of transport.
How long did you two stay out for? Are you going to build off that site or was it once and done?
nice, general video man.
thanks guys

opie- this video is dealing specifically with the priorities of shelter and fire (collecting wood). (You probably cant see the description I put on the vid without watching it directly on youtube) There will be separate videos for water and food collection. They will probably each get their own whole video. Also, this video didn't cover "how/where to select your campsite". That also will likely get its own video.
Great vid NMO4. Very descriptive both in video and speach. Nice job!