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Full Version: Had a wake up call today.
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So I woke up, sweating... The room was completely dark and there was no familiar glow of the alarm clock in the corner, No incessant buzzing of the air conditioner as it pumps out its soothing cool air. I sat up a little disoriented and maybe just a bit dehydrated. Stumbling over to where the alarm should have been, I noticed all was normal except there was no light emitting from it. At that point I realized there was no power, no more cool air getting pumped in from the wall, and no hot coffee to be made.

It was a big, ...Shit... Let me tell you, this was a wake up call for me to become more organized and prepared. The power came back on after about two hours but what if it had not? What if it never came back on...
Sounds like there are some preperations that need to be made....... nothing like the feeling of panic in the morning to get you going.
Yeah I had that recently happen to me. I'm stuck in DC right now for the military so its going to be a PITA to get back to PA. I should have atleast enough 12ga. after the basspro sale this weekend to get back.
Bass pro sale this weekend? Elaborate....
If for nothing else, get yourself a good bailout bag and stock it well. There are those who do and those who don't. Be one who does.
Sit and go over and fine tuning your plans, what i usually do when electric is knocked out.
Practice clearing your house with your weapon of choice. Without the ability to turn on the lights you'll get a small dose of actual fear and adrenaline which is almost impossible to recreate.

i keep a maglight with my nightstand pistol and a led light on my 12ga, just in case something does happen when the lights/power are out.
I did not mean to sound as if I was not prepared at all but it was just a wake up call, I do have my trunk bag and my bob and I have a lot of things prepared, It was just a wow, this is what it could or would be like.

Not to mention even if MY power was out I would still have to show up to work :/ haha.

And yes I do also keep a flashlight with my pistol and I have a simple Vector Optics light on my 12 gauge, It serves its purpose Smile.

I also have a new pistol that I am more comfortable with than my old one Big Grin
if you are on this forum, use common sense and pay attention; you must be somewhat prepared.
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