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Full Version: PAZRT Facbook Page Closing In On 10,000 Likes!
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If you haven't already, hit it up and click the LIKE button! We're trying to get to 10K before the Rapture starts!

Big Grin
yeah, it sure is. it also drives a ton of hits to the forum. as soon as a new thread is started in a section that gets automatically sent to facebook, there's usually between 20-30 people viewing the thread. not bad for free advertising, huh?
Pssh, you guys are still on Facebook?

I actually deleted mine two weeks ago, just didn't see the point
thats the only way I stay in touch with some of my buds around the country....
I still FB but not like I used too. YKD your right when people are all over the place!
on facebook daily! it's a good way to network.
Just an update, The PAZRT Facebook page now has 25,747 "Likes" already.
Its good to keep things updated Smile Ya never know when you'll need the intel.
Too bad the admins seem to have forgot about it.
(03-21-2015, 07:19 AM)NuthinButJHP Wrote: [ -> ]Too bad the admins seem to have forgot about it.

It would probably help, if a new alternative to POOFA would stop popping up every two years... Rolleyes
I do not know who the current admins of the page is.
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