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Full Version: Atlantic Firearms
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Hey guys I'm currently working for Atlantic firearms...we got a great selection of Battle rifles !! If any of you ZRT boys need help getting into a new AK or such give us a shout & tell um I sent ya!! I'm also willing to answer any questions you got just hit me with a pm

Tell Blaine I said hi, or not.
(12-18-2010, 06:56 PM)Kirpan Wrote: [ -> ]Tell Blaine I said hi, or not.

Im sure I can do that for ya .... have you shopped with Atlantic before? Im in heaven dealing with such great hardware all day .. =)
i've been using atlantic as my main supplier for brokerage sales for a few years now. great prices and pretty nice selection.
Hook a brother up with a highly discounted Ferret Scout? I know they're like 20 grand, but how bout $1000?
Wow, I was eye-ing up their website today looking at their FALs. Small world.
Got my PTR-91 from there, even BEFORE this thread was started; 2007, thereabouts!   Cool