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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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Another one followed me home. Winchester 94, 32 cal. 1941 vintage.

[Image: imagejpeg956_zpssna8wguk.jpg]
[Image: imagejpeg955_zpsapaxujun.jpg]
I lost some of my pics earlier in this thread. Here is a pic of the refurbished Bushmaster with a Bushnell scope. I never did change out the barrel and bolt. No reason to.
[Image: Refurbished%20Bushmaster2_zpsd8edykn2.jpg]

The first group at 100 yards was inside an inch. Sighted in pretty quick. No pics. Next time out.
(03-11-2015, 05:08 PM)Normanvin Wrote: [ -> ]Another one followed me home. Winchester 94, 32 cal. 1941 vintage.

How did I miss that originally?!?! Heart

How many rounds does it hold?
Any weapon is a good weapon in a Z-Poc. 357 Magnum tends to be a good persuader.
[Image: 640s_zpsf8ydjlnm.jpg]
I picked my first 10/22 up yesterday morning and had two BX-25 magazines delivered Friday. Going to the range today. I may leave it bone stock.

[Image: jiz7yf.jpg]
They are a fine firearm for the price, but there are a few tweaks that improve reliability. Lots of stuff on YouTube. The scotchbrite trick saves a lot of frustration during break in.

Please ignore the spelling, "autocorrect" should be renamed.
Geez... NOBODY'S posted here in a while!  [Image: shocked.gif]

My 1911 collection... presently...

[Image: 100_4866-crop_zpsktuoje29.jpg?width=590&]
My Hungarians, great finds on Gunbroker.

[Image: CAM00940.jpg]
[Image: 20170601-162245-Film1.jpg]
Single shot collection.  From top to bottom:  17HMR, 20 gauge, 243 Winchester.

[Image: trio.jpg]