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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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Picked up my Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II .45 today.

[Image: 553804_3926244829553_1869949449_n.jpg]
(08-29-2012, 07:33 PM)Matty Wrote: [ -> ]Picked up my Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II .45 today.

[Image: 553804_3926244829553_1869949449_n.jpg]

Very nice! We'll be expecting a range report soon.

i need to get another 1911
(08-31-2012, 12:04 PM)The_Colonel Wrote: [ -> ]agreed!

i need to get another 1911

Build one. SARCO Inc sells an RIA matched slide, barrel and receiver for $225. LINKY SARCO also has a storefront in EASTON Pa.

I used one of their "Commercial" slides for my build from a few years ago. I will likely be building another from their parts kit if I can't get one directly from RIA/ARMSCOR. I used a Caspian frame with my buiild and it turned out good. It's finnicky with HPs but eats up FMJ and lead ball.
Hey folks been away too long, time seems to slip away.
Got me another little Zombie dropper and yea I am addicted to the AR15. Big Grin
It is up at Amelon getting a new coating in Sniper Gray and Black, but here was the finished product.
Daniel Defense MK18
[Image: gallery_1_1_261000.gif]
[Image: gallery_1_1_222755.gif]
[Image: gallery_1_1_256311.gif]
[Image: gallery_1_1_179853.gif]

Redid this one, it is a LMT and I changed out the 10.5" barrel to a 12.5" Bravo Barrel and added the A.R.M.S. 58 MCV-Mod rail and 41 BL front sight
[Image: gallery_1_1_37835.gif]
[Image: 008-1.jpg]
My new mid length
D/D/ barrel
DSA muzzle brake 'FNFAL type'
Retro foward pistol grip
(09-12-2012, 11:37 PM)Nwatson99 Wrote: [ -> ][Image: gallery_1_1_37835.gif]

That looks heavy...
My new Ruger Mark III Target model.
My new custom sniper rifle built by Kilted Guard and a top secret tactical training video.

Nice (ten!!)