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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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(08-02-2010, 02:10 PM)BETA Wrote: [ -> ]I want to go to harbor freight soon, Try to pick up 2 machetes, Maybe a tactical knife or survival knife or something.
Edit: I heard Machetes are like 7 dollars at harbor freight.

are they decent though?

I'm not really a knife guy..someone like kirpan or jahwarrior seem to have knowledge with knives and maybe they'll chime in...sometimes it's better to put out more up front to get a quality peace than having to keep replacing garbage. keep that in mind.
the machete that i have is junk, but i got it for like 5 bucks at a flea market. The handle is cheap and already cracked for me. The blade cant keep an edge, I got it relatively sharp when i first bought it and then used it to hack a trail behind my house and it was dull, and I mean really dull when i was finished and this was just from bushes and some small branches, more like twigs.

As for the knife, I have never used it to cut anything more than a rope. I'm sure its not the best quality but as vjf915 said, its sharp enough to get 8 inches of steel into someone. For anything more than that I have my Gerber.
Made a couple of upgrades to mine. Added a rail to the front lower handguard, and added a light and vertical grip.

[Image: MyAR-1.jpg?t=1280959238]
Just one of the small collection...
Nice. Model? Specs?
Thanks, BMG 50 cal single shot, not sure of the scope though.....
Not bad. If you dont mind me asking, how much did that run you?
nice barrett
well, it is ours... which means my old mans and i. it was 3800 about 6 years back
Damn thats a hefty price, but I bet it would be a GREAT thing to have in a SHTF situation, regardless of whether it was zombies or not.