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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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(07-16-2010, 11:55 AM)PAAROWNER Wrote: [ -> ]my friend has a gerber it is good quality he hacked everything with it... i on the other hand perfer to use my shotgun to clear brush...Big Grin

ammo is too damn expensive these days.
(07-15-2010, 12:50 PM)rovert97 Wrote: [ -> ]picked me up a handy little tool for the Zed's. just a little something my collection was missing.
the blade needs a bit more of an edge on it tho, but that will get taken care of soon. need it to be alot sharper.

[Image: 61102ab6.jpg]

i have that EXACT same machete/sheath. make sure you reinforce the handle as those screws are fake and its just 2 halves of plastic glued together over the blade. i made a grip wrap with camo ducktape - yes its "duck"tape brand i used - which strengthens it together, gives a better grip, and looks badass
Same Christopher, except I use black electrical tape, it's hella nice.
I favor the paracord grip wrap.
forgot about this picture I took a few weeks ago.

here's my S&W M&P, Browning Hi-Power, Keltec PF9 and my CZ-85B below the PF9
[Image: P1030372.JPG?m=1277621694]
the latest family photo

too bad my camera is crap

[Image: d6ea28cd.jpg]
I haven't posted my collection in a while, and it's changed a bit, so here it is.

[Image: SD530700.jpg?t=1279733892]
i like sharp point stabby things too

[Image: Untitled-7.jpg]
I have more pointy objects, just didn't post them all. I'll get them all together and post up later.
oh, same with me, there is always more.
the most treasured one tho is my grandfathers USN Kabar he had when he served.