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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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(05-31-2010, 07:04 AM)64Jeeper Wrote: [ -> ]I feel like a moron now. I thought you were talking about the black pistol. (next time I'll know to read more carefully) LOL

I'll let you slide for now..don't let it happen again especially if we're fighting zeds! Tongue
[Image: qs0f8z.jpg]
Dang! You have some serious cashola in guns for a 22 yr old!!!

Nice collection!
Ok so here are a few of my K98 pics and such...

[Image: parts1.jpg]

[Image: loading.jpg]

[Image: bayonet3.jpg]

I have 2 tri ammo pouches and much more rifle ammo on a MG belt and a MG can. Here are some hand forged sword pics until I get that lovely P229.....

[Image: wak3.jpg]

[Image: BR2Katana2.jpg]

[Image: BR1Katana2.jpg]

[Image: BRninja3.jpg]
I bet that sword will take a head clean off. LOL
just a couple classics of mine

P 83
[Image: DSC09977.jpg]

classic hideouts
[Image: CIMG0194.jpg]

one of my SAR's, the sidefolder
[Image: DSC09849.jpg]

[Image: nagant028.jpg]

[Image: DSC09226.jpg]

[Image: DSC09188.jpg]
is that a steyr I see in the last photo?
yup, sure is. later model 9mm
(06-06-2010, 05:21 PM)mpi Wrote: [ -> ]yup, sure is. later model 9mm

I've always wanted to shoot a steyr..I hear they're awesome guns and don't get the credit they deserve..their sight system is pretty interesting, too.
absolutely correct, they take a little familiarization, but once you get the grip angle down they are great! they make a great suppressor host as well if that's your thing!