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Full Version: Official ZRT Weapon PIC Thread
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just won a yugo sks so it will be a little bit before i get my hands on it not sure how far ill mod it. is it worth keeping the pig sticker on it?
[Image: yugo.jpg]
I'd leave it on. Doesn't change much by removing it. The grenade launcher tip, however, I'd remove so long as you can keep the overall over that magical 16.25 inches.
Good looking SKS. Keep the bayonet, never know when you may need a spiked club if ammo runs dry.
My collection has only just started, but here's what I have so far:
[Image: IMG_0174.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0173.jpg]
Here is my growing family... :lol:
[Image: MOSSBERG590TACTICAL003.jpg]
M1 Garand Springfield 30-06 from 1944(My pride and joy), Marlin 30-30(GREAT brush gun), .30 Carbine(Use that for coyote's. Lots of fun) Wink

[Image: MOSSBERG590TACTICAL002.jpg]
Remington 700 30-06 w/ tactical scope and bi-pod(my whitetail rifle), Mosin Nagant Carbine w/ Monte Carlo stock(I still have the wood one), Mossberg 590 shotgun, AR-15 in .223 with Red Dot, .38 Special(for hiking and camping)

[Image: MOSSBERG590TACTICAL001.jpg]
All together... 1911 Springfield .45 in the bottom right corner(I love that thing)

My next purchase will be an IHC Garand or 1903 Springfield.
Only thing in my apartment right now is my M770 7mm Mag

[Image: DSC01057-1.jpg]
Here is just some of my short stuff...

HK/Benelli M1 Super 90 Entry 14" (SBS)
HK USC/UMP Conversion (.45acp) (SBR)
HK 416 10.5" (5.56) upper on a RRA Lower (SBR)
HK MP5 parts kit on a US receiver (9mm) /w Registered Fleming Sear (MG)

[Image: DSCN0992.jpg]
Ok, finally took some new pics. Here's some of mine and destroyer's collections.
[Image: ccwall.jpg]
[Image: coffee_table.jpg]
[Image: lrwall.jpg]
One of these might work

[Image: gallery_1_1_410451.jpg]

[Image: gallery_1_1_330481.gif]

[Image: gallery_1_11_185317.gif]

[Image: gallery_1_11_572554.jpg]
(08-28-2009, 11:54 PM)Nwatson99 Wrote: [ -> ]This might work
[Image: gallery_1_1_330481.gif]

very nice.